Let us create your great finish design store carton bags. We use great 350-gram art paper with your logo and details to provide best look. Choose matt or glossy with fashionable colour options and special make ropes or ribbons. Wide range of size variety completes your demand from super mini sizes for jewellery and accessories brands to large ones perfect for fashion stores to home stores. We guarantee to give a feeling of exclusivity to your clients with custom designed bags and gifting to your clients will increase your brand visibility and brand value for sure.

Please contact with us for special dimensions or you can choose from our standard small, medium and large sizes.

Small Size Bags Dimensions: 25cm - 23 cm - 8 cm min quantity 1000 units

                                                22cm - 31,5cm - 10 cm min quantity 1000 units

Medium Size Dimensions ( Fashion Stores, Women clothing, kids clothing, home stores, men clothing, fashion concepts stores ) 

Standard Medium Size Dimensions : 42cm - 32 cm - 13 cm MOQ 1000 units 

Standard Large Size Dimensions: 58cm - 40cm -13cm MOQ 1000units