Custom Mailing Bags Dublin: 

Custom Mailing bags range is a cost-effective way to send out items in the post. Ideal for a range of businesses and in many cases can reduce shipping costs compared to boxes and padded envelopes.

Printed & Branded Mailing Bags:

All our mailing bags are 100% recyclable and easy to use with a self-seal flap. At VR Packaging, Our Custom Printed Mailing bags and Branded Mailer bags are waterproof, weather-resistant, and 100% sustainable. 

Cost-Effective Branded Mailer Bags: 

Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers are an ideal solution for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint and protect their products in style without the design hassle and costs.

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Uk Stock Biodegradable Mailing Bags 100% with Double Peel & Seal Tape, 40 cm x 50 cm + 7 cm 10 units
  • £7.50
  • From £6.00
Large Size Custom Poly Mailers Sustainable - ECO FRIENDLY 100%
  • From £800.00
"Premium Yellow Bubble Mailers - Protect and Ship Your Small Business Goodies Safely! Self-Sealing, Tear-Resistant Envelopes for Jewelry, Makeup, and More! Bulk Pack of 100, Size 6×10"
  • From £19.97
"® Pack of 1000 Stylish Grey Small Mailing Bags - Perfect for Shipping and Couriers - 6.5 X 9 Inches (16 X 23Cm)"
  • From £19.19
"Go Green with Carbon Neutral & Compostable Mailing Bags - Perfect for Small Business Owners! (Pack of 10)"
  • From £9.74
"Premium Baby Pink Mailing Bags - 50 Assorted Sizes for Secure Parcels, Packaging, and Shipping - Self Seal, Waterproof, and Strong Poly Plastic Envelopes"
  • From £6.90
"Colorful and Stylish Mailing Bags - Protect and Ship Your Items with Confidence!"
  • £7.64
"Rose Gold Postal Bags - 60 Pack | Self-Adhesive & Stylish Mailing Bags for Clothes and Packaging | Portable & Opaque Poly Plastic Bags with Golden Thank You"
  • £17.09
"Premium X-Large Mailing Bags - Durable Polythene Mailers with Easy Seal Strip - 60 Microns - Ideal for Non-Fragile Items - 100 Pack (Pink)"
  • From £3.96
" Eco-Friendly White Corrugated Padded Mailing Bags - 100% Recyclable & Biodegradable - Affordable Bulk Pack of 1000 Envelopes - Size: 340X240 mm"
  • From £12.28
" 25Pcs Sakura Pink Bubble Mailers - Premium Padded Envelopes for Shipping, Packaging, and Mailing - Self Seal, Bulk Bubble Lined Wrap Polymailer Bags - 21.6X28Cm Size"
  • From £13.94
" 100Pc Pink Waterproof Postal Bags - Perfect for Shipping, Mailing, and Packaging!"
  • From £8.69
"® Grey Small Mailing Bags - Perfect for Ebay Sellers - Pack of 1000 - 6.5 X 9 inches (165 X 230 mm) - Reliable Courier Mailer"
  • From £12.85
"Secure and Convenient: 100 Seal Postal Mail Sacks for Easy Parcel Delivery and Mailing"
  • From £6.59