Custom Mailing Bags Designed For Your Brand

We are one of the leading supplier of printed mailing bags in the UK, we offer a range of postal packaging solutions in a wide number of styles, each designed uniquely to match your requirements. Different size options and 1 or 2 colour options with both sides printed great quality. Our factory makes the best quality and best price mailing bags and deliver fastest 

Let us to offer you the lowest possible price for your branded mailing bags. Mailing bag customers choose Vr Packaging Uk because we save them money and time again. 

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Why Printed Mailing Bags?

Huge demand of eCommerce and customer buying behaviour change has led to an explosion in packages flowing through the UK postage system. Vr Packaging range of printed mailing bags is constantly growing to meet this rising demand. We're always looking at new eco-friendly materials, exciting colours or printing methods and an ever-increasing range of sizes. We want to ensure that you have the branded perfect mailing bag for your business, and we're here as you grow to ensure that your packaging matches your needs. From secure printed mailing bags to click and collect bags with handles - our team will work with you to make ensure both you and your customers love your branded packaging.

All our mailing bags are 100% recyclable and easy to use with a self-seal flap. At VR Packaging, Our Custom Printed Mailing bags and Branded Mailer bags are waterproof, weather-resistant, and 100% sustainable. 

Personalised Mailing BagsPersonalised Mailing Bags

Cost-Effective Branded Mailing Solutions

Printed Bio Poly Mailers are an ideal solution for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint and protect their products in style without the design hassle and costs. Vr Packaging Uk has great award winner design team to do all for you for free with the best options. 

The most effective branding packaging solution mailer bags start only from £0.19 each and perfect for your brand presentation. Just put the box or your product in to mailing bag and post to your product and save great money. Sending with your branded mailing bag give to your company great brand value. Production time is only 4-5 weeks and your brand is ready to boost. 

Brand Awareness With Our Custom Poly Mailing Bags 

A lot of businesses start by sending their packages in plain poly mailers, but as you grow we're here to supply mailing bags featuring your logo or brand identity. Everything you post helps to catch the eye of both your customers and everybody along the parcel's journey.

Just think of sending your product within a plain grey colour mailer bag, first reaction is so important and from the 1st second your customer doesn't pay attention to your brand and just open mailer bag to see the product, when it posts to your customer in a beautiful branded mailer bag from the 1st second customer gets excited, check your mailer bag colour, logo, details all and open it nicely to see the product and definitely use social media or subscribe to your website as it shows how branding and quality is important to your customer and you definitely proof it with your branded packaging

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Custom Poly Mailers Sustainable - Eco friendly 100%
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