Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Custom Swing Tags

When it comes to branding - custom swing tags are your best friend. They actually serve as a new opportunity for a customer to remember you, your brand or product. Creating your own swing tags is the ideal solution when it comes to labelling. 

custom swing tags

Custom swing tags

Here’s a little more information on how our branded swing tags, and 5 reasons why they might be a logical next-step investment for your business.

VR Packaging can create any shape, colour and style in order for the potential customer to really grasp what you’re trying to portray and communicate.

Importance of swing tags

We can work with all kinds of colours and will happily help you come up with a suitable template for your swing tags if you’re not confident in your own designs or need help creating something unique.  Swing tags come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, with a variety of different types and the look they have is pretty much entirely down on what values and identity you want to be communicated. 


Swing tags have always been a feature when it comes to buying products, especially clothes which started off as a practical way of showing the price and size of a garment.

Also clothing swing tags are one of the most low-key and unassuming aspects of selling clothing items, however, the little tags of card carry so much hidden importance for the brand itself.

Custom design swing tags: benefits

Swing tags are simple, double-sided product tags. Multi-ticket tags contain multiple individual tags neatly grouped with a premium string.

Cotton strings are extremely durable and fray-resistant to create a tag that adds a high-standard look and feel of quality to your product packaging.

A one-fold ticket is a simple, folded tag allowing you to display more information about your brand in a sleek way.

custom swing tags

Custom swing tags

Eyelet tickets are sealed around the opening for the string to ensure no wear-and-tear to the stock used and giving a premium feel to the product finish. 

Swing tags are the perfect opportunity for you to talk to your customers and convince them your product is worth buying. 

 How to design custom swing tags

From standard cardboard all the way through to waterproof, here is the full list of all the materials we can offer.

. Brown Kraft
. Recycled
. Laminated
. Colour Board (Black, Ivory, Manilla, Grey, Tangerine, Cherry, Dark Green, Navy Blue)
. Waterproof
. Metallic (Silver or Gold)
. Foiled
. Neon (Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange)
. Frosted
. Grey Pulpboard
. Lustre

Choose the best shape for swing tags

You can choose the shape of your tag you are trying to create. Whether you’re after something traditional looking or want something a bit more unique we’ve got you covered. Below is the full list of shapes we can offer you.

custom swing tags
Custom swing tags

1. Circular Swing Tags
By far one of the most popular choices of shapes when it comes to swinging tags.

2. Oval Swing Tags
Our oval templates have 4 different sizes in order to fit the purpose of the tag. Using oval shaped tags is a great choice for attaching to food and beverage items.


3. Rectangle Swing Tags
Rectangle tags are another of the most popular due to their universal appeal and are very practical. Here at Handy Tags, rectangle shaped tags come in 5 different sizes and are most commonly used for clothing and price tags.

4. Square Swing Tags
Square tags are somewhat a little more niche but this makes them more appealing as it’s just that little bit different to what you’re used to seeing. You can take your pick from 5 different square sizes.

5. Custom Swing Tags
If the more standard shapes listed above don’t really take your fancy then don’t worry as we are able to make a label out of pretty much any shape. If you want a flower, heart, car, dinosaur or anything else we’ve got your back.