Why Branded Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are great packaging solution for jewelry, lingerie, small gifts, and favors. Pillow boxes are a perfect alternative to apparel boxes. With their unique shape and design, the box forms a pouch-like shape once folding down the curved sides of the box.

VR PACKAGING can create bespoke custom design pillow boxes. Add your logo to many of these boxes for a unique brand look. Pillow Boxes are constructed from paperboard with various thickness, folded over flat and glued. These boxes feature flaps on both sides of the box that bend inward to pop up the box in the form of a pillow shape. Sizes can range from small to large.

Our recycled pillow shaped boxes are great for posting all kinds of objects, or as gift packages.

Pillow BoxesPillow Boxes

What Do You Put in a Pillow Box

Small pillow boxes are often used for jewelry gifts, lingerie, scarfs, candy. Larger sizes of these boxes are used as an alternative box for apparel and retail items: clothes, toys, cosmetics, wig etc.

Pillow boxes are made with and without a handle depending upon intended use. These boxes are rare but gaining in popularity with retail and gift vendors looking for an alternative or unique packaging for their stores and products.

Pillow boxes are available in stock in white, natural kraft, red, and black. Boxes can be produced in a wide selection of custom colors for low minimum quantities. 

How Many Size And Colour Options We Have?

Vr Packaging Uk offers a huge variety of custom boxes from smallest to the biggest for any business. Think of a smallest jewellery, accessories or just important letters you are posting we have specially made small boxes to small letter and large letter boxes we design according to your request. We have many accessories, jewellery, gift shops to larger products such as ; home & decoration, clothing brands, shoes and electronics retailers which they send heavier and bulkier products. Our team help you to design and find out the best size option for your brand. 

Pillow boxes make for glorious gift packaging. The perfect gift boxes from VR Packaging UK can be suitable for small items, jewellery or bigger items: clothing, hair extensions, wigs etc.
These pillow boxes are simple, sleek and elegant.
Check our special design pillow boxes. It is a great solution for storage and branding.

Our side folding boxes are

  • flat and easy to store,
  • have all your details with your logo, website, social media names
  • perfect as a gift to your clients
  • Both sides are foldable and create great branding effect
  • It is easy to fit a few products in with variety of sizes small, medium and large.

We also make them with great ribbons to carry them or you can just send them inside your logo mailing bags. We match sizes with mailing bags and create a perfect set with super cool designs.

How To Measure Pillow Box

Measure these boxes length, by width, by height. For this example, we are going to take a 6 x 5 x 1-1/2" box. The first size is the length, the second size is the width, and the third size is the height.

For the Length: Find longest side of the box that does not have the flaps and lay it facing you, from left to right.
For the Width: Measure the side with the flaps from front to back.
For the Height: Measure from the center and tallest point of the flap (when the box is assembled) from top to bottom. These boxes ship flat for easy storage and minor assembly is required. Add a ribbon or bow to complete your look.

pillow box custom design uk

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