Branded packaging, is it really worth it?

Branded packaging is an excellent solution to focus on the brand and an effective advertising for your brand.

61% of people say that branded packaging makes them more excited about receiving the product.

VR Packaging UK creates exclusive customised packaging for a wide variety of customer needs. We help you choose the right size, material (paper, kraft paper, cardboard), print type etc. For many businesses, they wouldn’t dream of missing out on the opportunity for the branding.

Also 50% of people say that branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend the brand to their friends.

For our team quality comes first as it gives the impression that the product inside is going to be high quality too.

For example, can you imagine receiving a really horrible bag with a high quality, expensive item in, but wouldn’t it change your mind about the product inside?

Branding your packaging can be an easy, simple way of making your packaging appear higher quality.

Moreover you can easily add an insert to your package to give it a personal touch from your brand. For example, thank you card.

If you order branded gift boxescarrier bags or postal boxes - our team will offer you 1000 thank you cards for FREE.


Branded packaging has many benefits that are definitely worth it should you be able to afford the cost. 

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