While Christmas is coming Vr Packaging Uk is one of the major supplier for the best quality carrier bags wholesale. We have great designs and different dimensions in stock with next day delivery option. You can choose from 1 unit to any quantity. 

Red Glossy Paper Carrier Bags

Glossy red paper carrier bags wholesale with a unique glossy finish are always in style and offer a high-end feel at an affordable price. Each bag has a block bottom design and matching 100& organic cotton rope handles. Thickness Quality varies from 230 to 250 top quality depending on size. Suitable for any type of retailer; womenswear boutiques, menswear boutiques, kidswear boutiques, accessories and jewellery stores. Made of 100% recycled materials making it environmentally-friendly. Available in a range of sizes to meet your needs.


Our latest bestseller design gold foiled ribbon style carrier bags are fantastic. They are with great glossy 230 gsm and 250gsm highest quality and perfect for your higher value products. Your clients are buying beautiful products and they love to treat their loved ones with great packaging. Our Ribbon design carrier bags are just perfect in black and white colour both comes with gold foiled ribbon both sides with white and black matching organic cotton 100% recyclable environment friendly paper.  Buy in bulk for amazing wholesale prices. Choose any size from 1 unit to huge bulk orders with great discount prices. 


Vr Packaging Uk is one of the biggest supplier of carrier bags in Uk. We love designing unique carrier bags, use the top 230 -250 gsm paper quality to give the greatest quality carrier bags for the best price when you compare with other suppliers our price is maybe lower but they only use 150-170gsm paper quality and VR Packaging Uk is the only Uk carrier bags wholesale online website you can find the top quality best price carrier bags. All our stock is in our London warehouse and we delivery 1-2 working days. Carrier bags are very important when buying a gift to your loved ones. All our carrier bags are planet friendly 100% recycled and we use only 100% organic cotton ropes. Beautiful gold colour carrier bags look glamorous and gives great feeling. Packaging is very important and the best way showing a high value to the person you love and gift. 


Available to buy in bulk and wholesale, Vr packaging Uk is one of the main supplier for the top quality carrier bags in Uk. Wholesale Christmas Gift Bags are so important and so nice when you treat your loved ones. Christmas gift wrapping, choosing a gift gives great feeling to the person and shows how much important to you, at the end they all go in to the beautifully made glossy carrier bags in black,red,gold and our ribbon design carrier bags.