This Christmas Vr Packaging Uk is offering the most stylish, best colours and quality carrier bags. We offer great colours, glossy with organic cotton ropes top quality 230 to 250 gsm carrier bags. Check our red glossy carrier bags, beautiful Christmas red with matching organic cotton ropes. Perfect for Christmas gifts you get for your loved ones and if you like them not to guess whats inside non branded carrier bags but great glossy finish high quality red colour check our shop. You can get from 1 unit to any quantity from wholesale price. We love the red and believe it is the best Christmas carrier bags


This is the time to treat all our loved ones, Vr Packaging Uk is offering great quality carrier bags. Although red colour is well know for the Christmas, we love the gold colour too. Gold is looking rich and classy, we have gold colour three different sizes of carrier bags with matching organic 100% cotton gold colour ropes. Treating your loved ones with great gifts and giving these gifts with lovely, high quality carrier bags is the best part. When sometimes you buy your gift from a well known brand they put in their carrier bag and of course under the tree your gift is obvious from where you get it from. Our high quality non branded carrier bags is giving so much curiosity and full of surprises your loved ones could not guess. All sizes are in stock this Christmas and we are glad offering very high quality Christmas carrier bags with wholesale best price from 1 unit to any quantity. 


Vr Packaging Uk is also offering you amazing gold foiled ribbon design carrier bags in black and white two different sizes. Check our great high quality glossy carrier bags they are the best for Christmas gift carrier bags. They have gold foiled ribbon detail on and it gives to your loved ones great feeling about your gift as the gift carrier bags with this design so unique and stylish. Ribbon detail is always a great gift packaging detail and we applied this detail on our glossy high quality finish carrier bags. They have 100% organic cotton matching colour black and white ropes. They are 100% recyclable planet friendly. We love them as a perfect gift packaging ideas. You can not find these designs anywhere and your loved ones can never guess what is inside, just leave under the tree or give them to treat and make them happy.