Branded Paper Carrier Bags: Is it Worth to Design Own Packaging?

Beautiful packaging gives an attractive look to the purchase. The product looks unique and extraordinary. To achieve high quality branding value, pay attention to branded custom design packaging please. We create with your business logo, slogan, company name, we will indicate any contact information on them. 

Custom design luxury paper carrier bags include many different styles. They give you the option of printing your very own personalised design.

Paper carrier bags are an excellent choice for any UK company that wants to add a touch of luxury to their branded packaging, also to offer an eco-friendly option to their customers.

VR Packaging UK offer a range of sizes, colours and designs, and create completely customised bags that add something special to your brand.

custom design carrier paper bag branded packaging uk

Custom Design Carrier Bag / VR Packaging UK

VR Packaging UK provide a custom design carrier paper bag in any color, small or medium branded package - the choice is yours. We will produce a quality product with a logo or slogan of any format.

Working with VR Packaging UK it is not just order beautiful branded carrier bags in the desired color, but also you save time and money by quickly getting excellent quality at a wholesale price. Whether you need printed paper bags for your bakery or for your clothing store - we have custom carrier bags available for every occasion.

Our company works quickly and smoothly, because it has the most modern equipment. We offer the best types of printing available today, using only quality materials.

Customised packaging helps companies and brands to create a luxury image that gives the impression of care for your customers. 

VR Packaging will produce high quality branded bags with a brand logo, required size and color, which will serve for a long time and remind you of your services and type of activity. Branded packaging is great solution for every brand or company.

Moreover, for custom design carrier bags we use:

- surface lamination - matte or glossy film;

- UV varnish coating;

- embossed with silver or gold foil.

By choosing materials, printing method, approving the design, you will achieve the creation of exclusive products.

Production of carrier bags with your own logo: details

Custom design carrier paper bags branded packaging uk

Premium Quality Boutique Carrier Bag / VR Packaging UK

High-quality materials and specially reinforced handles allow you to use the bag for a long time. Good specialty inks and professional post-printing ensure that text and graphics retain their aesthetic appeal.

Eco-friendly packaging

In addition to quality, we also go above and beyond to create environmentally friendly printed carrier bags. VR Packaging UK have put extensive research into eco-friendly options which do not compromise on quality.

Eco-friendly packaging is our go-to solution! For examples, here are some statistics which can demonstrate the current state the environment is in.

  1. Two years ago, in 2019, there was 502 kg of municipal waste per capita generated in the EU alone (463 kg in the UK)
  2. Only 9% of plastic circulating across the globe has been fully recycled
  3. Another survey, conducted by Dotcom Distribution, found that 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers in "thoughtful packaging" and over 40% said it makes them more likely to share a product image or video on social media. 

Sustainable packaging: experience of Gucci

Who remembers the launch of Gucci’s new sustainable packaging? Packaging is part of a re-evaluating and reimagining of how the House can be more environmentally friendly in everything we do. 

Featuring an ornate green decorative pattern embossed onto shopping bags and boxes, all paper and cardboard come from sustainably managed forest sources. 

 Gucci new packaging: watch video online

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custom design carrier paper bags

Custom Design Carrier Bag / VR Packaging UK