Mailing bags are perfect for online traders. Clothing brands trading online must need packaging to send their orders in secure and classy way. Branding starts with packaging is our slogan and using eco friendly mailing bags with your own logo or stickers will impress your clients. Trading online is taking a responsibility to deliver your orders on time, secure and classy way to impress your clients. Our mailing bags are eco friendly, recyclable, strong enough to secure your products inside from any damages or wet environment while in transport process. 

Clothing brands trading online

Usually prefer two sizes; standard medium size mailing bags 35 cm by 45 cm + 5 cm also standard large size which is 45 cm by 55 cm + 5 cm. We can print up to 3 colours brand logo, slogan, website and social media details. Also we sell ready stock eco friendly postage bags in all sizes any quantity you need. For clothing our mailing bags look amazing, perfect for branding, great size and secure enough with self sealed. Our mailing bags carry up to 5 kg easy and do not get damaged easily. 

We take responsibility in providing the best eco friendly postage bags available, with a great quality finish that is unchallenged. 

Each of them are passing from our quality control department and you can rest assured our mailers are everything you expect; quality, bad odour, size, self sealed options. 


We are one of the leader branding packaging factory and all our products are eco friendly. We design beautiful mailing bags with your logo, slogan and details and print both sides with perfect quality. Online traders must product mailing bags custom perfect for branding. The lowest cost product you have in your hand but imagine how much it is valuable while sending your great product line online orders to your clients. They are impressive, with your brand logo, colour, slogan your clients will feel they ordered from a great brand and will love the way you are sending orders to them. How much they are attractive to your clients, how much importance and attention you are paying before sending orders you receive. Custom mailing bags are perfect for branding and definitely your clients will love. Clothing brands, womenswear brands, menswear brands, kidswear brands, accessories and jewellery brands all are using our great quality mailing bags.