Poly Mailers Shipping Bags: What we need to know about Fully Recyclable Mailer Bags

Poly mailers, also known as shipping bags or mailing bags, are great solution for packaging, branding and provides most durable way to ship soft goods like apparel and fabrics.

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With eco-minded businesses, VR PACKAGING UK offers the best poly mailers for shipping clothes, soft goods and other products in a cost-effective *and eco-friendly* manner.

Poly Mailers Shipping Bags: What we need to know about Fully Recyclable Mailer Bags
Poly Mailers Shipping Bags / VR PACKAGING UK

What is a Poly Mailer / Shipping Bag?
Poly mailers shipping bags are light-weight, protective mailers made from a durable, moisture resistant polyethylene film.

Plastic envelopes are thin, lightweight and weather-proof. It provides safety delivery of items to your customers in perfect condition.

Mailing bags can be in many different sizes and dimensions.

Bestseller sizes for Poly Mailers Shipping Bags: 

1. Small size Mailing Bags: 35cm-25cm +5cm 

2. Medium size Mailing Bags: 44cm-32cm +5cm

3. Large size Mailing Bags: 55cm-50cm +5cm

Mailing bags - the best and cheapest solution for packaging, also it is easier to purchase than kraft or corrugated shipping solutions. 

Moreover poly mailers are weather proof. One more advantage of them is that custom design packaging products are very thin, so they take up less storage space than boxes. 

Which Type of Poly Mailers to Use for Which Content Types

Poly mailers work best for items that are not fragile or too large or heavy. Anything from t-shirts to DVDs can ship inside a mailer envelope.

Poly mailers are ideal for clothing and other fabric-based goods, as well as yarns and patterns. They also are suitable for shoes and certain types of hats.

It is important that you find the right poly mailer that makes for a snug fit for the item you are sending. For example, the table below shows you a ballpark of common poly mailer sizes and the products that are best suited for them.



Poly Mailers Shipping Bags / VR PACKAGING UK

Poly Mailer Size Product Type

  • 12 x 15.5" or 14.5 x 19" - Sweater
  • 12 x 15.5" - 2-3 shirts
  • 10 x 13" or 12 x 15.5" - Yarn
  • 10 x 13" - Napkin Set
  • 6 x 9" - Socks
  • 12 x 15.5" or 14.5 x 19" - Jeans or Dress
  • 9 x 12" - T-shirt
  • 10 x 13" - Dress shirt
  • 14.5 x 19" or 19 x 24" - Sheet set
  • 9 x 12" -Fabric patterns

Moreover mailing bags work well for boxed products that need to be shipped in another, outside layer (i.e. a shoebox, a small toy or a jewelry box).

One more benefit of mailing bags is that they are reusable

Order custom design poly mailers shipping bags with your own logo to impress customers. The opacity of the packaging material guarantees the confidentiality of the contents of the package sent, and the packages themselves cannot be opened unnoticed.

The chosen packaging design will emphasise the corporate identity of your brand.

A courier package with a logo is a great way to make your company or brand more recognisable and stylish.

Also using mailing bags means you will significantly save on shipping costs. For example, if you ship your pair of shoes inside a poly mailer bag, you are not only reducing the actual weight of the package, but also the dimensional weight. 

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