Product Packaging and Branding: Factors To Consider When Choosing Branded Packaging

Hundreds of bright advertisements attract the consumer's attention every day. You have one or two seconds to attract the attention of the buyer, and during these seconds several brands compete at once.

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The work can be done in several ways. It is possible to attract the attention of a potential customer not only through advertising and discounts, but also through well-thought-out branding, which includes branded product packaging, boxes, product labels and tags.

Basic principles of custom design packaging

We all know a simple principle - the product is sold by its packaging. And for the packaging to really sell, it must meet several basic principles:

A person must immediately understand what kind of product is in front of him and why it is worth buying;

when creating packaging, you need to rely on the real tastes and expectations of potential buyers - without quality research of the target audience can not do;

Of course, an attractive appearance plays a huge role, but in the manufacture of packaging should not forget about the functional features.

PACKAGING: Brand style and color

Packaging is an element of brand visualization. Even if you really want to, you should not ignore corporate colors.

Otherwise, it is better to use time-tested successful combinations.

You do not need to be a designer, you can just find examples of successful color combinations on the Internet.

The golden rule is no more than five colors (excluding stretch marks) and about seven visual elements. The smaller and simpler, the better. However, too many achromatic colors (shades of gray) will make your product invisible.

Packaging material

Successfully selected material plays a significant role in creating a stylish, attractive and practical packaging. Among the materials most often used:

  • Cardboard
  • Microcorrugated cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Kraft cardboard

Cardboard packaging is used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food business, as well as for the storage of souvenirs, bulk goods, etc.

The production of microcorrugated cardboard packaging is characterized by the creation of a light but durable product that can protect the product from damage during loading / unloading, as well as transportation. The presence of corrugations creates a cushioning effect, which protects the product. In addition, microcorrugated cardboard packaging has an attractive appearance.

Marketing: finishing of packing

Packaging is an important marketing tool that allows you to promote a variety of products. With the help of modern printing techniques and new equipment, you can apply absolutely any image or decor on the package. It does not matter what this package is - large or small, simple or complex design. The following techniques are used for decoration:

Embossing. Creating a relief on a material with or without foil. Embossing on cardboard which allows to create unique drawings became especially popular.

Congreve. Gives the opportunity to make a convex image on the surface of the material. It is also possible to use foil.

Congreve adds solidity to the appearance of the product, and thus increases the level of trust in the brand.

Selective varnishing. Varnish coating of individual parts of the product, which makes the baths look more voluminous.

Matte or glossy lamination. Thanks to the matte film, the image on the package begins to differ in color depth, and the glossy film makes it brighter and more colorful.

Cutting. It is used in different ways, depending on the purpose - to round off corners, to cut out figured windows and apertures, to create a non-standard individual form of a product. Cutting is often used to attract the attention of buyers, because unusual forms of products make consumers stop and look at the product.

Where to order custom design packaging?

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To develop a unique packaging - you have to imagine yourself as a fashion designer for at least a few minutes. Ask yourself what the style should be created for packaging? The answer to this question will bring you closer to creating a unique design that will work for your product. Now it is enough to turn to high-quality printing, which will take responsibility for the perfect condition of the packaging.

Every entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to stand out in the market among competitors. Especially now, in an age of information overload. It seems that literally everything already exists. It has long been not enough just a unique offer, whether a product or service. And even more so it is not enough just to produce good products. After all, it is necessary for the buyer to notice and distinguish you among all.

Branding and the visual component in general are as important a part of business strategy as setting up production. The logo, colors, fonts and, of course, branded packaging are the same business card you can't do without. It has long been proven that the buyer, when making a decision, often chooses a product that has already "seen somewhere." The human brain is so arranged: it focuses on safe known signals and scenarios. This is the name, slogan and visual style. Product packaging is, without exaggeration, the most important tool for influencing the audience.