Printing plates are used in the process of creating personalised mailing bags for several reasons:

Efficient Production: Printing plates are used in offset printing, which is a common technique for mass production. By using a printing plate, multiple bags can be printed simultaneously, resulting in a faster and more efficient production process.

Image Transfer: Printing plates carry the image or design that needs to be printed onto the mailing bags. The plate holds the ink, and when it comes into contact with the bag's surface, it transfers the image accurately and consistently. This ensures that each bag receives the desired personalised design.

branded mailing bags personalised mailing bags

Precision and Detail

Printing plates offer excellent precision and detail in reproducing the artwork or text. The plate is carefully prepared using various techniques, such as etching or laser engraving, to create a precise replica of the design. This level of detail is challenging to achieve with other printing methods.

Durability: Printing plates are typically made of durable materials like metal or polymer. They can withstand multiple print runs without significant degradation in quality. This durability ensures consistent results throughout the production process, even for large quantities of mailing bags.

Cost-effectiveness: While the initial creation of a printing plate may involve some upfront costs, it can be highly cost-effective for large-scale production. Once the plate is made, it can be used repeatedly to print thousands or even millions of mailing bags, reducing the overall cost per unit.

personalised large mailing bags

Customisation and Personalisation: Printing plates enable customisation and personalisation of mailing bags. Each plate can be uniquely designed to incorporate specific logos, branding elements, names, addresses, or other personalised information. This ability to tailor the design to individual needs is crucial for creating personalised mailing bags.

two colour personalised mailing bags

Overall, using a printing plate in the production of personalized mailing bags offers efficiency, precision, durability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred method for large-scale customization and production.